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Official Review: Thumar by M. Timothy Murray
by Emie Cuevas » 04 Sep 2017, 23:30

Thumar by M. Timothy Murray is a sci-fi romance novel set a few hundred years in the future. The story opens with the AS Armstrong standing watch, as the alliance builds a listening post in the neutral zone near Terelian space. Suddenly they detect five Terelian cruisers closing. Captain Arnold, being an experienced captain, has faced these kinds of odds before and is not too worried. As they draw closer, the Keks insignia can be seen on the bows of the cruisers. The battle erupts and it soon becomes evident that these are not standard Terelian cruisers. After a brief fight where several of the cruisers were destroyed, the AS Armstrong escapes into hyperspace badly damaged.

The AS Armstrong makes it to the space dock above the planet Thumar. They report in to the alliance and a battle fleet is dispatched immediately to assist. Derak is the relatively new alliance liaison to the planet. He is informed immediately the AS Armstrong docks and is none too thrilled when he finds out who the leader of the coming battle fleet is. Having to report these happenings to the government brings us into contact with the culture of Thumar for the first time. In this process he comes into contact with Shesian, a beautiful voluptuous woman who is the niece of the president.

Derak and Shesian fall in love, and get engaged. This takes us deeper into the culture of the planet. As part of the engagement process the couple has to be medically examined. This reveals something very surprising about Derak! Then the unthinkable happens, the Orion Syndicate deploys a weapon that will wipe out the whole Thumarian solar system. Can anything be done?

I found this a very enjoyable and easy book to read. M. Timothy Murray describes people and places in a way that brings them to life in the imagination. I could travel to Thumar and from his descriptions of the life there, fit right in. The festivals and the clothing worn at them were amazing and I was thrilled to be invited to participate in them.

“I found this story quite enjoyable. I particularly liked the character development. I felt like I would recognize the main characters if they walked into the room. It is refreshing to read a story in which the main characters make decisions based on what is good for the world (or worlds) rather than themselves."

John Pearsley, MA Biochemistry
Criminalist for the ECPD

I found Tim Murray’s book “Thumar” a delightful read and I couldn’t put it down. When I finished the last page, I wanted more…can’t wait for Tim to come out with his next book.

David Blonsksi
Artist, Musician, and owner of Timeless Productions.

"This book is bold and magical indeed."

Xiaoban Fan
PhD Chemical Engineering and Published Author

"Intensely engaging, Thumar is a deep dive into another world. A fascinating tale you won’t be able to put down. It’s a must read for science fiction fans, and anyone that loves a great story."

Julee Metz, documentary producer in Los Angeles California.
Winner of two Los Angeles Area Emmy Awards for
Outstanding Entertainment Programming.