M. Timothy Murray



As a cosmic catastrophe threatens thumar, romance blossoms between the planet's beautiful, chaste ambassador and a suave New Yorker.  Can the two avert the disaster and finally consummate their relationship?
Derak Jamar III and Shesain Andehar are from different worlds. So why can’t he get her off his mind?  He finds himself irresistibly drawn into a relationship that will be the most incredible experience of his life.
Derak grew up in poverty in twenty-fifth century New York City. Only his intense drive to succeed saved him from becoming lost to the city’s gangs. He chose the discipline of martial arts and the rigor of education instead. Now, he’s a senior naval officer and the Alliance’s representative to the planet Thumar.
Shesain Andehar is the ambassador of Thumar. Her exotic beauty and sharp intellect have proven useful in her profession. As Derak begins to fall in love with this marvelous planet, and Shesain, a gamma ray burst is on course to destroy them all. He has seven days.
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